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What is Mylifebook?

We here at My Life Book, LLC want to assure you that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We created this social networking page to get away from all the privacy intrusions of other sites and attempt to consolidate most things people do on a daily basis all in one spot. We will never sell any information or use your information to sell you things. You will have complete control over your privacy. We will never have advertising on your pages like they have all over all the other social media sites.

What do we offer?

We have a host of services on our site. Think about all the things you can do with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, YouTube, etc. You will find that and more in Mylifebook. Share status messages, play games, update your friends and family on your life, post pictures and videos. Everything you can do on the other social media sites you can do here on Mylifebook.


We have over 20K YouTube videos and growing each day waiting on you in our YouTube video library. No need to log into YouTube anymore. You can add your favorite channel to our site and it will update right to your feed automatically a number of times a day. You can do a YouTube search on our site and it will bring you the results. You can than view or add those videos for others to see or add the entire channel and it will update automatically.


In our Newsroom you can search for up to date news both in print and video form. Send us an RSS feed and we will be happy to add it to our newsroom. We currently have news and entertainment articles from around the world.

Market Place:

We have a place for you to sell your services and products. No need for eBay! Just sell your products and services with us. We have an entire business section which we will talk about later.

Coffee Houses/Pages (groups):

We have pages and groups just like on Facebook, but we call them Coffee Houses. Create your own or join the many we have to offer. We currently have Coffee Houses on all sorts of topics. Don't forget to join all the Game Coffee houses. Each of our games has a Coffee House to keep you updated and get valuable information. We post tournaments, Jack pot prizes, game updates, etc. Our Coffee Houses; unlike other social media pages has many advance functions. You can search almost anywhere. We have a What’s for Dinner Coffee House where people post recipes. Type in Chicken and every chicken recipe comes up. You can refine the search by adding new ingredients. No more posting to your wall and never being able to find it!


Do you write a blog? Are you paying for your blog? Why not setup your blog on our site. It’s free!!!! You can import and export blogs to our site if you still want to keep your outside blog active. It’s easy and it’s free!


Do you have music you would like people to hear? If you are a band, musician, or artist and own the rights to it you can upload it to our system. People can listen to it for free. Gives you great exposure. Once you have done that you can sell the MP4 files either entire albums or single tracks in our auction house.

Resume Section:

Looking for a job? Post your resume on our site. You can also search our job section for job listings businesses have to offer. You can send them your resume you have on our site and begin the communication with them.


Our game section is small but growing. We have many that are 100% complete, while others are in beta testing, and some are under development and some are in the design phase. All games have been created by us for our site. They are hosted on our site, so no worries about where the game is or who will see the data. There is no advertising and no back end data mining or psychological programming. Just good game fun. Some games you will have to have activity points to play, while others you will not. Have a suggestion for a game? Let us know and we may consider adding it to our list. Make sure you check out our games section and see what we are doing!

Activity points:

Activity points are used throughout the system. Mainly in games, but there are some virtual gifts you can post on your friends walls that cost points to do so. We will be gradually adding more gifts you can give out. Ex; It’s your friend’s birthday why not post a virtual cake on their wall? I’m sure they will love it! Calorie, fat and sugar free and a very nice gesture.

Points can be gained by posting content on our site. The more you do the more points you receive. You may also buy points using PayPal. If you hit the home menu item and look under your name you will see what your current activity point balance is. If you click on your balance it will allow you to buy more points. We have various packages for you to buy. Buying points this way the system will instantly add them to your account.

Don’t have PayPal? Doesn't mean you can’t buy points! We have a secure square shop that you can go to and purchase points with your credit card. Mylifebook Square Shop

All data and credit card information is stored on PayPal and Square’s system and no My Life Book, LLC employee or member has access to those systems. However, when you leave our site to make those payments, you will be under those company's terms of use.


Businesses while there is no direct advertising on our site you can still get a lot of bang for your buck. Any business is free to setup an account. Please read our Terms of Service.

Business Coffee Houses:

You can host a Coffee House just like any other user could. This gets you out there and allows users to make a choice to either like your page or not. If they do they will see anything you have to offer on your page.


We have a coupon section where you can set up various types of coupons for our members to see and claim. You can offer discounts or free stuff! Say you are a restaurant and you want to run a Happy hour promotion. Create a coupon for it. People will come to the coupon section, see it, claim it, print it, bring it in and save! Everyone wins!

Job listings:

Do you have a position you are looking to fill? Post a job position. Not only does this help to fill your position, but it also gives you exposure to members who are looking for a job.


Contests are great ways for your business to gain exposure and give our members free stuff. You can run a contest and give out either products or services for free, you can even give cash prizes as well. Run a video, picture, writing or whatever type of competition you want. Ex: Best Photo using our product wins a coupon for 10 free. Be creative!

Businesses you have all this and more and no annoying direct advertising needed! What does that mean? It means if someone has looked at your page or something you have done they are serious about it. You aren't just showing content to users who don’t care and are annoyed that your advertising is popping up everywhere on their screen. They have come and searched you out.

We have a host of other services for both members and businesses alike. We still have not covered Polls, Quizzes, and Forums, but you know what they are. Use them all as a person (hey how do you think my hair looked today) or as a business (What did you think of this product or service?).

If you would like more information on how we can help your business grow with us email us at

your privacy is our top priority so the only thing you have to have is a valid email address with us. If you are buying or selling anything using our service, you will also need a valid PayPal account. PayPal is the only payment service we currently use in our business and store front areas.

Your account with us can be anything you wish to make it. When you log in all you need is a name and a vanity name for your site url. They can be the same thing or they can be different. You can change them at any time and as many times as you like, unlike other services that make you wait months to change it again.

We just ask you to stay clear of profanity, copyright and Public figures. We will request you change it if you try to impersonate someone Famous, semi-famous, or a regular Joe next door. Feel free to make your account any way you like. Be who you really want to be.

It's free so come on in and give us a try. Nothing to lose.

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