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Donation Module:

Please use caution when using this module. Anyone on the site may add a Donation button to their profile or their Coffee House. Do your research! We will be reviewing the donations buttons and requesting any that do not adhere to these rules to be taken down!

Rules of use of the donation feature:

1. It should only be used by Non-profit organizations
2. Users should not have a donation button on their profile page. If you are in need of financial help please use the Fund Raiser feature.
3. Each organization that uses this feature must fill out all information in the feature setup. If you need help please email the admin.

Again use caution when donating be it here, on other sites, or anywhere really. There are always scam artist out there. We, My life Book, LLC are not and can not be held liable for any scams you may fall prey to if you use the donation feature on this site. We do not guarantee the validity of any organization or individual who has their donation button active on our site.

Use the Donation feature at your own risk.

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